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Anchor chain box
Boarding ladder&
Swimming platform
Bimini&Sun protect.
Gantry&Solar gantry
Anchor roller
Mast fitting
Safety constructions
Solar gantry&Gantrys.
Sun protection&Bimini
For gantrys we mostly use tubes with 33,7mm diameter and 3mm wall thickness.
At smaller (weaker) constructions like for only one solar panel we use 25mm x 2,5mm tubes. The gantrys are always build for there later use and are fitted exactly to the boat.
Solar gantry with Bimini for two 80 Watts panels Fitted with rivets on the existing stern pulpit. Mostly The Gantrys are mounted on the deck and the pulpit  
Gantry made out of 25mm tubes. Gantry with Radar 25mm tubes Gantry made out of 34mm tubes Gantry made out of 34mm tubes Very strong gantry with top fitting for the life raft.
Gantry with a movable solar panel supporting surface. Solar & radar gantry Movable Solarpanel Steady panel Steady panels & Bimini
Gantrys with included davits        
Solar gantry - A single tube construction... Small solar gantry.A single tube construction. with a lower tube to fix a sun sail.
Katamaran Gantry and Stainless/plywood Roof Katamaran Gantry with 320Watt  Solarpanels /  Windgenerator and Dinghy Lift